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20-24 June 2013, Prague

Alchemie 7th heaven

It is about enjoying it honestly and purely.
It is about deeply personal connection and sweet sweet ease.
It is about taking it slowly, in your own time.
Making the best of the city, the summer days, the gathering, the connection and the dance.

A Tango Rapture for 2013

DAY Gala Milongas- dancing in the sun, at sunset 15:00- 21:00
NIGHT til dawn salons- the deep dance, pure tango 1:00- 7:00

Alchemie 2013 is dedicated to the tanguero/a, the dancer, the marathoner, to the dance and the inner alchemie that magnetizes us.

The sense behind the Seven~ 7 Years of Alchemie:

Having passed through the 4 stages, All directions of the horizontal plane, We came to the center, unified them in the 5, Thus activating the vertical line, Becoming the UNIVERSAL DANCER, In whom connects the 6, The Elements of the Earth With the 7~ Heaven above.

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