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20-24 June 2013, Prague

Rita & Vasco

ritavasco“Our initial and individual formation is based on distinct teaching methods. However, since starting to dance together, we found we share the same feelings about tango and that we have a common understanding for how to feel and dance it, always searching for an individual style.
From of our individual experiences in various areas, such as Martial arts, Ballet and Pilates, the basis of our work focuses on body dynamics, the way the body reacts to the action-reaction motion.

For us, body awareness, the way we move different parts of our body, the contraction-relaxation of certain muscles, are part of a greater fluidity in movement allowing greater freedom and diversity of movements.
We believe that through a deep knowledge of our body, we are able to interpret the tango in a fluid, musical and always improvised way.”

​Offering- Rita & Vasco

Embracing body dynamics-
We want to invite you all to share ways to use body dynamics to create sensations within the embrace and transforming movements into dance and hugs into embraces.


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